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Patented Cut-Rail System creates 9 separate pathways for unobstructed blade travel

Cut full 4-Foot x 8-Foot sheets of material without any additional support

Leveling feet with oversized handles help you easily and quickly compensate for uneven surfaces

Leg side blocks create a vertical clamping surface for projects such as routing door hinges and locks

(1) Benchmark Table
(2) Tool Trays
(1) Cord Whip
(3) Adaptor Plate
(12) Riser Pegs

The Benchmark Table is a revolutionary concept in portable work tables, offering maximum functionality in a compact package. Manufactured from extruded aluminum, high-grade steel, and lightweight ABS, the Benchmark Portable Work Table is designed as a sturdy and versatile replacement for inadequate sawhorses, 3’x6’ plastic picnic tables, and other inferior portable work surfaces.

Nine separate pathways across the tabletop allow for unobstructed blade travel as you cut anything from a 4x8 sheet of plywood to dimensional lumber. Crossbars create gaps that allow access both above and below your project. All surfaces are available for clamping. Four independently adjustable Leveling Feet help compensate for uneven work surfaces. A uniform grid of attachment locations allows for the placement of Benchmark accessories anywhere on the tabletop--as well as for unlimited customization using the Adaptor Plate. 4 Riser Pegs are also included with each Benchmark Portable Work Table.

Some assembly required.
Table dimensions (unfolded): 64.25"L x 37.5"W x 32.75"H
Table dimensions (folded): 64.25"L x 37.5"W x 6.5"H
Footprint: 80" x 37.5"
Weight: 58lbs

Storage slots for one Adaptor Plate and 4 Riser Pegs (included) plus individual compartments for loose hardware, hand tools, and a beverage of your choice make the Tool Tray a valuable addition to your work table. Purchase one or two trays to customize your table just the way you like it. Each custom-molded Tool Tray comes with 1 Adaptor Plate, 4 Riser Pegs, and all hardware necessary to attach it to your Benchmark.

Dimensions: 32"L x 15"W x 2"H
Weight: 8lbs

Want to temporarily mount a shop vise, bench grinder, custom jig, or another tool to your Benchmark? The Adaptor Plate accessory allows you to pop that tool anywhere on the Benchmark tabletop and lock it into place. Simply affix your tool to a wooden base (not included), screw that base to an Adaptor Plate, and place your tool anywhere on the table.

Dimensions: 14"L x 14"W x 2"H
Package includes:3 Adaptor Plate

Manufactured out of high-quality machined steel and powder-coated for rust-protection, the Cord Whip will help prevent the cords of your electric tools from getting in your way or being damaged while you work.

Length: 29"
Weight: 0.8lbs

6" Aluminum Riser Pegs with non-slip rubber tips allow you to quickly add an additional 3.5" - 5" of height to your work surface whenever the job requires it. Riser Pegs can also double as material stops and be placed in any configuration on the tabletop grid.

Great product; This table delivers., January 10, 2012
By Robert Wood

“This review is from: Benchmark Table T015 Starter Package with Portable Work Table, Adaptor Plate, and 4 Riser Pegs (Tools & Home Improvement)
I purchased this table after seeing it on TV's Cool Tools and checking it out on the website. I've posted a few reviews before on other tools, but usually because I was frustrated by a gimmicks. Not this time. This table delivers on what it shows. I do most of my work by myself, from simple home repair to room remodels. Assembly was quick, from shipping box to ready to use. I was impressed with how strong it is and also how simple it is. It is versatile; I am able to use the table for a variety of jobs. No more rigging stuff; it serves a number of jobs and has allowed me to bring less equipment to my work site. The best thing I like is the large work surface: wide enough to handle full sheets of plywood and drywall. No more panels bending. Shelving gives me a quick surface to place my tools. The adapter plate is a great idea as well. Very quick and convenient. It snaps on like a Lego. Great product. Two thumbs up.”

All-purpose table makes handling sheet goods a breeze, January 4, 2012
By By LiteralDan "LiteralDan" (Illinois, USA) -

“This review is from: Benchmark Table T015 Starter Package with Portable Work Table, Adaptor Plate, and 4 Riser Pegs (Tools & Home Improvement)
I had a chance to work with this table a couple times (though I'm not lucky enough to own one personally, yet), and it made me want to start a bunch more projects just to find out how much easier the Benchmark could make them. (How else could I convince my wife we need one??) The basic features are covered pretty thoroughly above and at their website, but the best thing about this table is that it can be pretty much whatever you need it to be. Any list of features or demonstrations would just be a starting point, anyway.

The people who'd easily get most out of it (at the current price point) without any creativity required are contractors or other people whose time is money, who regularly need to handle large sheets of plywood, OSB, drywall, etc., or long pieces of lumber, and people painting intricate pieces of work that can be simply suspended over this table at a workable height. But anybody who has even more than one hobby project a year would find this table paying for itself faster than you'd think, in the form of saved time, hassle, space, and the lack of an aching back. The rest of the year? The table can hang or lean on a wall, out of the way until it's needed to save the day again.

Con: 1) The table is very solid, so it's a bit heavy, but moving it is still definitely manageable by one person, and no problem at all with two. And for moving it around a continuous floor, the casters are a good add-on to buy, for pushing it around as needed while keeping it upright.”

Great Tool, January 5, 2012
By Corey -

“This review is from: Benchmark Table T015 Starter Package with Portable Work Table, Adaptor Plate, and 4 Riser Pegs (Tools & Home Improvement)
1. Cutting plywood and drywall is a breez and I don't even need to convince my wife to give me a hand for a minute, which we both love.
2. Very strong and durable, will probably outlive me.
3. Folds up and gets out of the way when I don't need it.
4. Lot of accessories and (hopefully) more to come.

1. This table is portable, but it ain't light. Over 50 pounds! This makes it very sturdy, which is great when I'm working, but it's a bit of a pain to carry around. Would be nice if they included a carry strap or it had wheels or something.
2. The knobs that come with the table are not very heavy-duty, but when I emailed their website's Customer Service to complain I was told they would send me out new and improved knobs as soon as they are in stock, for free. I guess I can't complain too much about that, but it would've been nice if they were already in the box!”

This work bench does everything., December 20, 2011
By Mary in Chicago -

“This review is from: Benchmark Table T015 Starter Package with Portable Work Table, Adaptor Plate, and 4 Riser Pegs (Tools & Home Improvement)
You can tell that this workbench was designed by someone who has done lots of projects. They thought of everything. This table folds up so it doesn't have to take up extra space between projects. Fits in our SUV easily to take to our son's house for a project there. Great for cutting because the raised rib table allows the saw blade to pass through the work but not cut the table top. The adapter plate lets us quickly mount and take off the miter saw and a benchtop band saw. It's very sturdy but can be easily moved within the room, or from outside to inside or to the garage. The riser pegs let us set up a paint job. The adjustable leveling feet allowed us to set up a level work surface even though the basement floor sloped down towards the drain. We even set it up with some plywood on top and used it for extra seating at our party recently! Good for both contractors and homeowners.”

Written by Chris Rodenius October 07, 2011

Check out this new multifunction table that is sure to give the Festool MFT some competition. If size matters to you, take a look at the Benchmark Portable Work Table from Hagar Tools. The Benchmark is a foldable aluminum work table that is big enough to allow users to rip down full 4'x8' sheet goods.

One of the design features that I like is that the Benchmark uses stretchers instead of a full top, which give users the ability to access their material from underneath. The stretchers are made of high-density polyethylene, and you will notice that they are raised above the main body of the work table; this lifts the sheet goods so that you can make safe cuts without worrying about damaging the aluminum frame. The stretchers also have recesses cut into them so that cuts can be made lengthwise as well.

The Benchmark also has a bunch of accessory option that make it even more useful. Raiser pegs can be fitted into holes in the stretchers and can be used to lift your material higher for routing, or jigsaw cutting. An adapter accessory plate is also available and can be used to mount a fixture or jig to the table top. Tool trays can be purchased which mount to the legs of the bench thus providing storage for your parts and Benchmark accessories. Hagar Tools also has a Miter Saw station addon in the works.

The Benchmark weighs in at 50lbs, but once setup it looks like I would make a great jobsite work station. The legs on the table do fold in, so I could also see the Benchmark work well as a portable home work table. Purchase some of the available locking casters, and it can be rolled onto the driveway. As someone who cuts down a good amount of wall paneling, I can appreciate any tool that makes breaking sheet goods down a simpler task. The Benchmark Portable Work Table certainly appears to be one of those tools, and looks like it was designed by a person who cut sheet goods all day long. I think the Benchmark is a great deal at $350, when the Festool MFT is priced at almost $600. For $450 you can get the Benchmark Pro which includes 2 tool trays, 2 adapter plates, 6 raiser pegs, and a cord whip.

Posted on October 7th, 2011 by Stuart

Hagar Tools just released the Benchmark portable work table, and a couple of accessories to go along with it. The table’s frame is constructed from extruded aluminum and steel, and those green supports you see are made from ABS, a tough but lightweight plastic. ABS is usually easily machined as well, so you can probably mod the cut paths if possible.

The Benchmark looks to be a completely different than the other portable work tables on the market today. An array of gaps and channels on the table surface allow for saw blade clearance wherever you need it. Benchmark says that all surfaces are available for clamping. This looks to mean that you can clamp workpieces to either the top or sides of the crossbeams. That could come in handy!

Accessory-wise, there are adapter plates to which you can attach plywood boards and various types of stationary tools or jigs. Riser pegs allow you to support workpieces above the table surface. Tool trays and a power tool cord whip are included with the Pro model, and are optional add-ons for the standard model.

The standard model is currently priced at $350, and the Pro model $450. Both work tables have an 80″ x 37.5″ footprint and 64-1/4″ x 37-1/2″ work surface (~5×3 ft). When folded the unit is 6-1/2″ tall, and when unfolded the tabletop surface is 32-3/4″ off the ground.

I have to say, the crossbeam and surface configuration looks very appealing to me. The only thing I’m not in love with is the unit’s price, but I don’t think I could put together a comparable aluminum and ABS DIY cut station for substantially less using off-the-shelf parts. Thumbs up to Benchmark/Hagar for a great design!

Most of the time when I’m preparing to cut a large sheet of plywood down to size, I lay spare 2x4s or 1x4s on the floor and place the plywood on top. This ensures that the plywood is properly supported and won’t pinch or bind the blade. It looks like Benchmark took this common practice to the next level.

With limited shop space, I am always on the lookout for feature-rich and effective portable work support products. In regard to cutting plywood sheets down to size, Workmates are tool small, Skil’s X-Bench is no longer made, the Vika TwoFold offers no clearance for saw blades, and the Festool Multifunction Table seems to lose much of its versatility when used with non-Festool tools.

Saw horses, even modernized and more flexible ones such as Dewalt’s work stands, also typically require extra support when cutting larger wood boards or plywood sheets. More recently, I have been testing out the new Rockwell Jawhorse Sheetmaster, which also works quite well for the job.

Bottom-line, the Benchmark is unlike any portable work table, support, or clamping system that I’ve seen thus far. Pricing is a bit steep, but if you break down a lot of sheet goods and could use a versatile cutting support station, the efficiency of these tables will be an easy sell.

(1) Benchmark Table
(2) Tool Trays
(1) Cord Whip
(3) Adaptor Plate
(12) Riser Pegs