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Can I use the Benchmark as a platform or scaffolding?

No. Never sit or stand on the Benchmark and never use it as a ladder, scaffolding, or platform.

How much does the Benchmark weigh?

Benchmark - 53lbs

Benchmark w/optional Tool Tray - 61lbs

Benchmark Pro Package - 69lbs

What are the dimensions of the Benchmark when folded?

64.25"L x 37.5"W x 7"H

Of what materials is the Benchmark made?

Injection-molded HDPE plastic parts are attached to an extruded-aluminum framework held together with heavy-duty steel fittings.

How much weight can the Benchmark hold?

The Benchmark is guaranteed to hold up to 250 pounds of evenly-distributed work material.

What's with the iridescent green color?

Visibility is key on the jobsite, so the bright green color proved to be the optimum color for highlighting the blade pathways once your material has been placed on the tabletop. Additionally, the bright color aids in easily distinguishing your material from your work surface.

Will the bright colors on the Benchmark fade over time?

Yes. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause the vibrant green and blue plastic parts to fade slightly but will not affect their performance.

Does the Benchmark ship assembled or will it require assembly?

In order to keep shipping costs to a minimum and pass those savings on to our customers, the Benchmark ships partially assembled with clear and concise instructions detailing the assembly process. Should further assistance be required, please visit the Assembly Videos section of our website for visual aids.

Why won't my Cord Whip fit into the holes in the tabletop?

In order to ensure a snug fit for the various accessories that plug into your tabletop, we made the holes in the plastic slightly on the small side. If you push really hard your Cord Whip will fit into any hole on the tabletop and will pop in much easier the more often you use it.

Will there be more accessories made available in the future?

Yes. The Benchmark Team is hard at work creating a growing line of helpful accessories for the Benchmark Portable Work Table.

Can I purchase replacement parts for my Benchmark?

Yes. If you have lost, damaged, or broken any parts on your Benchmark, please contact for more information on purchasing replacement parts.

Can I submit photos and/or videos of me and my Benchmark?

We encourage all users to send us photos and/or videos of their Benchmarks in action--especially those featuring custom modifications that highlight the versatility of our products. Please post all photos and videos to our Facebook page and join the Benchmark online community.

Can I submit ideas for improvements or new products to Hagar Tools?

Yes. We realize nobody gives us better feedback than the customers that put our products to the test out in the real world. All submissions should be sent to and PLEASE NOTE: There will be no compensation for any ideas, designs, or samples sent in.